A-B. Popcorny Holiday Schedule...

After a mid printing colour disaster and then rethink, the final print turned out a little different to the plan, but here it is!
Follow the Popcorny Holiday Schedule from the jet plane marked "A" and down weaving back and forth through the foreign land as it journeys on a strict itinerary to reach it's final destination, the box marked "B". 
A2 size, 3 colour screen print on somerset satin paper.

The Popcorny print for the Boxbird, Fringe Festival show is still available to buy through Boxbird Gallery..... http://www.boxbird.co.uk

The Boxbird A - B private view was papped by "You Got Papped"

Alice Teague and Graham CarterMe and pals

The Boxbird exhibition won the Argus Angel Award last year for "artistic excellence" at the Brighton Fringe festival. Yay!
That's my print bottom right.....


  1. Yeah, it said "eat me". It's gone now. Someone must have eaten it.