San Diego Comic Con 2008

I was at the San Siego Comic Con last year... here are a few of my pics:

These are some of the promotional vinyl stickers I gave out...YOD, a james jarvis creation
the talented Tara McPherson
me with a huge tokidoki creature
the amazingly inspirational Gary Baseman drawing me a picture of one of his girls with their bums out.
an enormous my little pony

Open House Exhibition Brighton May '08

Had a mini exhibition in Brighton for the 'Open Houses' as part of the Brighton Festival. My flyer above.
preparing my edition of 'Salty Misery' screen prints for the exhibition (above). The very first Popcorny exhibition! (below).



These two were screen printed at the same time using the same 3 colours. Both watery themed, they express the personalities of the two ladies, as you can see Bam's got a bit 'tired and emotional' having drank way too much whisky (allegedly) while Piff is full of confidence and hydrated vitality which is starting to get on Bam's nerves (hence the moody strop on the cliff's edge)

I make silk screen prints of Piff, the blonde one with the sticky up hair and Bam the moody brunette. Above are some close up photo details of the main piece (below). I will gradually put all my prints up on this site as well as Etsy. stay tuned!

Welcome to the POPCORNY blog!

welcome to the popcorny blog! Been meaning to start this for a long time so I might have to backtrack to give a little popcorny history.....