Fresh Springtime Print

It's good to know exactly who's is what and who owns which, and why. So these pears have evolved over time to grow ready-labelled for your convenience, to avoid confusion. It might have something to do with the roots of the tree soaking up all the rich  nutrients of the soil filled with discarded logos and packaging labels from this modern world we live in??? Maybe. 

This screen print is available now to buy HERE.

Lay Down the Law!

These little screen prints will fix the most annoying habits of your nearest and dearest. Now you can finally lay down the law once and for all with the "Bossy Series"!
"Please Keep Fidgeting to a Minimum" and "No Random Note Whistling.... (recognised tunes only".

Two Colour Silk screen Prints in mustard and retro greeny blue. Both sized: 25cm X 35cm. These prints are available to buy HERE

X equals ?

"X" is suffering from a bit of an identity crises. He stands for danger and negative connotations yet he's just full of kisses and saucy feelings.....
This little screen print is available to buy in the SHOP.



A series of little posters 'advertising' essential products...something for all the family! 
You know you've always wanted to become a little bit more super, well now you can..... with new - Superfruits! A handy little guide to what fruits have what health benefits. Ideal for hanging up in the kitchen for quick reference!
 Feeling a little low and need a quick pick-me-up?  Then you must immediately pick up a carton of Bliss juice! (designed especially for teens and tweens
...and while your at it, why not stock up on a box or two of Sparkle Bulbs for that boost of creative inspiration!
All these screen prints and are available soon in the Popcorny shop.