Lovely Christmas Gift Market in Brighton

I'm going to have a little stall at this really lovely Christmas gift market on Sunday the 8th December. It's indoors, inside the gorgeous former church "Fabrica Gallery" on Ship Street, Brighton. I'll have a selection of little and large Popcorny prints on sale PLUS a couple from my new project La Shuks! (see post below) And they'll be on sale for a special launch price...that's half price!!!! Hope to see you there!


My New Massive - Screen Print Project!

I have been busy working on my new project La Shuks! Check out the first two prints on my brand new site HERE


Pleasing Cliches & Cheesy Big-Ups

Now brighter and even more pleasing than ever before! New "Pleasing Cliches & Cheesy Big-Ups" freshly silkscreen printed on 230gsm Fabriano paper... 26cm X 40cm

This print is avaialable to buy HERE.

Pick Me UP 2013

Very excited to announce that PopCorny will be appearing at this year's Pick Me Up show with the Unlimited Collective. Pick Me Up is the UK's original contemporary graphic arts festival at the prestigious Somerset House, situated on the banks of the Thames in Central London. 18th-28th April 2013. 


"Look at the Potty Mouth on That!"

"Look at the Potty Mouth on That!" - what to do if the cute little fluffy duck you're clutching speaks such uncouth vulgarity. I don't know.
A2 size - 57cm X 42cm. A burgundy hue on light brown 280gsm Somerset paper. series to come so watch this space! This big guy is available to buy at the PopCorny SHOP

Brighton Jolly

Hair pulling, fish and chips, a few dubious looking cocktails... all just part of this fun-filled jolly down to Brighton, featuring Piff & Bam, a seagull, a shark and of course the Loch Ness monster (!) 60cm X 42cm. Available HERE in the shop.

No Smalltalk Before Breakfast

Y'know in the morning when your brain hasn't switched on yet because you haven't had a chance to even have a cup of tea, and then someone tries to chit chat about nothing in particular?! Well this print will sort out that pesky problem. Hang it on the wall and simply point to it if anyone tries any small talk. Hey presto -peace and quiet!
Handmade Silkscreen Print size: 26cm X 36cm. Buy it HERE


It must be tough when you are a giant electrified pylon but you are actually just a big softie inside. Full of love and just wanting to hang out and give kisses...
Just look at all that love pouring out of her heart....

Available to buy HERE

The Orangey Series!

This is my "Orangey Series" 4 silkscreen prints, a bit bigger than A4 size) all in retro orange and brown on a creamy  280gsm Somerset Velvet paper in 'Antique' each with a little mantra to put up somewhere around the house to remind you about the important stuff....


The Advertastics range

Four little 'adverts' just for you! You know you've always wanted to become a little bit more super, well now you can..... with new - Superfruits! A handy little guide to what fruits have what health benefits. Ideal for hanging up in the kitchen for quick reference!
Then there's the miraculous beauty product Nonsense....the product that you've been waiting for all your life! And while your at it, why not pick up a carton of Bliss juice if you're feeling a little low and need a quick pick-me-up ...and a box or two of Sparkle Bulbs for that boost of creative inspiration!
All four and 3 colour screen prints and are available soon in the Popcorny shop.


happy 2013

This is going to be the Popcorniest year ever! So many exciting things planned....watch this space...!%!